Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler Review: Top-rated Performance

The Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler provides customized coverage and superior control with adjustable collars and width control tabs, along with a durable metal base. It also features an on/off flow lever for convenient water flow control.

However, some users find it difficult to set the sweep and have experienced issues with the nozzles.

Setting Up And Using The Sprinkler

Easily control your watering with the Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler, featuring adjustable collars and width tabs for customized coverage and durability. Its on/off flow lever ensures convenient water flow control right at the sprinkler, saving you time and effort during setup and use.

Attaching to the Hose
To set up the Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler, start by attaching it to the hose. Ensure that the hose is securely connected to the sprinkler to prevent any leaks. This will ensure a steady water flow and efficient operation.
Adjusting Width and Length
The Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler allows you to adjust both the width and length of the spraying pattern. This feature enables you to customize the coverage as per your lawn’s specific needs. Simply adjust the width control tabs on either end and the collars on both sides of the sprinkler to achieve optimized performance.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Regular cleaning and maintenance of the Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler is important to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Clean the sprinkler nozzles regularly to prevent clogging and ensure even water distribution. The nozzles also come with a self-cleaning feature, but occasional manual cleaning is still recommended for best results. Additionally, inspect the sprinkler for any damage or wear and tear, and replace any faulty parts if necessary.
Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler Review: Top-rated Performance


Performance Testing

Easily control the watering action of this Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler that gives you customized coverage and superior control. It features adjustable collars on both sides for length control, along with width control tabs on either end that can be adjusted independently to give you optimized performance. It has a metal base that gives the sprinkler durability and strength. You can also control water flow at the sprinkler with the on/off flow lever that saves you trips back to the faucet.

The Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler is reliable and easy-to-use, making it a good choice for your lawn or garden. It is designed with self-cleaning nozzles, preventing clogs and ensuring consistent water distribution. The sprinkler has a rain gauge test to measure the coverage and effectiveness of the watering pattern. It is perfect for rectangular-shaped areas and can be easily adjusted for width and length of spray.

Overall, the Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler provides efficient and effective watering, giving your lawn and garden the moisture it needs to thrive.

User Reviews And Feedback

Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler Review

The Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler has received favorable user reviews and feedback. Users have highlighted the following Pros:

  • Durable metal base for longevity
  • Customizable coverage and control
  • Adjustable length and width for optimized performance
  • Convenient on/off flow lever at the sprinkler

On the other hand, there are some Cons reported by users, including:

  • Difficulty in setting the sweep
  • Issues with the nozzles
Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler Review: Top-rated Performance


Comparative Analysis

The Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler offers customizable coverage with adjustable collars on both sides for length control and width control tabs for optimized performance. Its metal base ensures durability and strength, while the on/off flow lever allows for easy water flow control directly at the sprinkler, making watering tasks more convenient.

Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler Review
Comparative Analysis
Gilmour vs. Other Brands
The Gilmour Heavy Duty Rectangular Sprinkler stands out with its customizable coverage and exceptional performance. Featuring adjustable length and width controls, it ensures precise watering for different lawn sizes. The metal base adds durability while the on/off flow lever allows convenient water flow regulation directly from the sprinkler.
Best Sprinkler for Different Lawn Sizes
Gilmour’s rectangular sprinkler is praised for its reliability and ease of use. With a heavy-duty metal design and dial control feature, it offers efficient watering for various lawn sizes.
Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler Review: Top-rated Performance


Frequently Asked Questions Of Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler Review

Are Gilmour Sprinklers Good?

Yes, Gilmour sprinklers are good. They are reliable and easy-to-use, with a heavy-duty metal design. They feature adjustable collars for length control and width control tabs for optimized performance. Gilmour sprinklers are suitable for rectangular areas and can handle different water pressure levels.

What Is The Best Sprinkler System For A Rectangular Area?

The best sprinkler system for a rectangular area is an oscillating sprinkler. It can handle a range of sizes as long as it’s a uniform shape and performs well with both low and high water pressure.

How Do You Adjust A Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler?

To adjust a Gilmour rectangular sprinkler, use the collars for length control and tabs for width adjustments. You can control water flow at the sprinkler with the on/off flow lever for convenience.

Which Is The Best Sprinkler Brand?

The best sprinkler brand is Gilmour, known for customizable coverage, durable metal base, and superior control.


In evaluating the Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler, its customized coverage and durability make it a reliable choice for effectively watering your lawn. The adjustable collars and independent width control tabs allow for optimized performance. With the on/off flow lever, it provides ease of use and saves trips back to the faucet.

Overall, this sprinkler offers a dependable solution for efficient lawn maintenance.

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